As of 28 May 2018 we are offering a single sponsorship since that was the one most everybody chose. Your $200.00 sponsorship will allow you a third party link, personal access to all My GI events, a My GI decal, quarterly exposure to our large database, an opportunity to send promotional materials with us to events, and if you have other partnership ideas we will certainly entertain them. We are also changing our website to a larger platform, allowing us to send marketing emails to our database. The sustainable funds from sponsorship are vital so we can pay a veterans utility bill or buy a veteran's child some new shoes for school. Sponsorship money is earmarked for emergent situations and we get plenty of calls.

See Becky at Aquarian Pools & Spas for a competitive price and great customer service. Aquarian Pools & Spas is a family run business and will also be the first Loveland business to display a parking sign from The Order of The Purple Heart. Becky has unselfishly sponsored fees for my sister to run 5K Summer events and we are happy to have a great working relationship with such a class act.

Slim Chickens is owned by local resident Mark Smith. They are a cook-to-order chicken restaurant and all of their products are FRESH. Slim Chickens does a lot for the community they serve.  513-239-5076

Robert Blackburn is an absolute craftsman when it comes to challenge coins. I ordered from him and his prices were lower than designs of much less quality. He is also a veteran. Reach him at 1-855-477-7826 or visit his website at 

The team at Kings Jeep is awesome. Find ace salesman Jordan Jraisat and introduce yourself to Bill Brinkman, the general manager. We bought our newest Jeep Grand Cherokee there and they sold us more SUV at a better price than anyone else. We'll be buying or next Jeep there too.

I met Allen "Big Daddy" Walker three years ago when he was a DJ at a car show for The My GI Foundation. He was awesome. Besides being an American Veteran he is energetic and puts on a show. Weddings or large events are his forte. I am excited to have him on our side. His number is 513-678-2107. 

Mr. Tim Singer is the new owner and has already proven to be efficient and customer centered. His work is top-notch and the awards he has delivered on two occasions already reflect his hustle. My dad has used Apex Awards for years and Tim looks like he follows through with something better than expected. He hustles and will get any project completed in a timely fashion.

Dr. Waisbrot runs a chiropractic clinic with precise skills and charisma. He has several degrees and is a highly revered chiropractor. His location is close to our house and he serves our family on a regular basis.

The public relations director, Andrew Rosen is a very talented and easy professional to work with. He was integral in promoting our Hoodlem Alley Boys fundraiser and is very easy to work with. Andrew and Logan Smyth, head up all the marketing and we are fortunate to be associated with these professionals. Working with Smyth is so easy from a charitable view, I can see why the company is at the top. 

Buckeye Running has two locations and the best reputation and value for your running needs. Steve Nester gets the right customers through the door and does everything to keep them. He'll show at your 5K with generous gift cards and cruise the shoe shuttle through with more value. His has been in XC and track for a long time and is known for his coaching history and love of athletes. Buckeye running can be found in Mason and Anderson.

We ae very proud to have Mr. Steve Kapuscinski and his business success on our side. Steve has absorbed SignsNow and re-branded it to be Image360. Steve now oversees two fast growing companies as Allegra Maketing Print Mail preceeded this full-out media mogul. Steve is generous with his time and talents and will only continue to grow in popularity.

One of the best kept secrets in higher education is in our backyard. Earn your bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree at Union. Since 1964, Union has perfected the common hybrid delivery of online and campus work. This makes Union the perfect choice of students whose responsibilities necessitate a flexible method of course delivery.

Art Jarvis is one of the more generous and talented businessmen we know. His brand not only serves his clients, but he has served as our School Board President and treasurer of our booster club. His imprint is everywhere in our community and his loyalty to everyone he works with is amazing. Art's reputation usually precedes him as his investment firm is highly successful and respected. Contact him at 513-377-8285 or email him at

For more than 60 years, Buddy LaRosa has made giving back to the community an important part of how LaRosa’s does business. Buddy’s idea of “taking care of the neighbors you serve” has developed into a rich tradition of community involvement for which LaRosa’s is well known.  LaRosa’s Loveland is proud to partner with “The My GI Foundation” founded by Connor Thomas this holiday season.  And we are proud to offer participants the LaRosa’s special “Be My Guest” offer to say thank you for helping Connor keep those in need a little warmer this winter. A very special thanks to Loveland owner Sam David. His generosity and willingness to help Loveland High School is inspiring. Everyone in Loveland knows Sam as a classy guy, who gives more than he takes.

Aaron Banfield is the owner of Full Throttle Indoor Karting and is generous beyond belief. He has veterans riding for every occasion and rolls out the red carpet for them. His karts are very fast and very cool. We are more impressed with him as a philanthropic partner and man of service. He holds many charitable events, because he is a just man. Call him at 513-341-5278 or email him at

Frank Oberlee is one of the most honest and hard working mortgage professionals in Cincinnati. He has helped our family finance two homes and always found a way to keep tremendous customer service as his strength.

Thank You Senator

Senator Joe Uecker took me to lunch when I was fourteen to discuss high level military service and a career in government service. He is a regular speaker at My GI Foundation banquets and is always ready to lend a hand to support my philanthropy and service to veterans. He has represented the 14th District since 2013 as a Republican member of the Ohio Senate.

Option Financial is a Cincinnati based mortgage company providing home loans in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Our mortgage professionals have dozens of years experience in the real estate and mortgage industry and talent for delivering results. At Option Financial, we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. 

My name is Paul Vickers,, and I have been here four years. I am a Army veteran and will be working with veteran clients to offer all benefits a veteran client has earned. Our friends at Stewart Title Company will "Put Veterans First" and close anywhere and anytime for our vets. NMLS#1080939