Veterans are the driving force behind my limitless ability to serve them. I learn from them, admire them, and try to do any one thing to let them know how very important they are to me. This picture features Army Retired Darrell Smith, Anthony Munoz, and Army Retired Brent Hendrix. The importance of this picture is very powerful for me.


Darrell Smith and myself have hosted banquets, collaborated on the My GI Military Bibles we provide to his ministry, and he has taught me about true service and honor. He served in the Army for twenty-two years. Army Retired Brent Hendrix was the unfortunate victim of a roadside IED and long story short has had over 80 surgeries and they are frequent enough, even Hoss can't keep track. I truly revere these men and thank them for service above and beyond. 


If you look in the middle of the picture, you might find the most chairitable guy in Cincinnati. Mr. Anthony Munoz was a guest for a 5K I hosted at fifteen-years-old and the proceeds went to the Joseph House of Cincinnati, a facility for homeless veterans. This was only my second fundraiser and we raised over $10,000. Anthony is a true champion for veterans and anyone that crosses his path that he sees an opportunity to serve. You will not find a better human being!


So what will Operation Retired Vet do for our local vet? Professional services such as transportation to military events, banquets, or reunions. Personal services such as transportation to appointments, social events, and shopping. Provide for in-home meals, lawn care, or home maintenance. Celebratory meals at our sponsors restaurants. Celebratory events such as Bengals or Reds Games. Legal help or pro bono assistance. Connecting them with veteran-friendly businesses or volunteer opportunities to be part of the community. Anything within reason, we'll do our best to make it happen. You served, now we'll thank you by serving you.


Both my grandfathers are veterans and big influences in my life. They have traveled across multiple states to watch my athletic endeavors or to visit me at The Citadel. If you look under the Eugene Turner Memorial Sholarship, you'll find my great grandfather who was in the Navy and Marines during WWII and Korea.


My sister Kirstin is a junior and has been heavily involved with My GI as a student of philanthropy, advocasy, and empathy and is overseeing this program. She is also our first contact for female veterans as Director of Female Veteran Care.

Thank You Senator

Senator Joe Uecker took me to lunch when I was fourteen to discuss high level military service and a career in government service. He is a regular speaker at My GI Foundation banquets and is always ready to lend a hand to support my philanthropy and service to veterans. He has represented the 14th District since 2013 as a Republican member of the Ohio Senate.


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My name is Paul Vickers,, and I have been here four years. I am a Army veteran and will be working with veteran clients to offer all benefits a veteran client has earned. Our friends at Stewart Title Company will "Put Veterans First" and close anywhere and anytime for our vets. NMLS#1080939