Connor has a strong desire to serve as a leader in our nation’s armed forces upon graduation from The Citadel. He is a superb high school student and an AP Scholar with honors. He has strong leadership skills and unlimited enthusiasm. I strongly recommend Connor for admission and also for any scholarships or awards he is eligible to receive. He is one incredible young man who has accomplished projects well beyond his years and will become an asset to the Army. Captain David Fletcher, West Point graduate.

As a Field Force Member for West Point Admissions - I see a large number of highly qualified candidates that open files and start the application process. Many of these candidates are in the top of their class academically, score extremely high on SAT's and ACT's, earn multiple athletic varsity letters, hold the position as student body president, and serve their communities through volunteer work or philanthropic organizations. While Connor does all of those things - his involvement in the community to support Veterans is unlike any other that I’ve ever seen in my 10 years of working with West Point. Captain Brian Gillo, West Point graduate.

Connor has maintained his elite academic and athletic performance throughout his high school years and has won many prestigious awards not typically earned by someone his age. His awards due to his exemplary performance in the classroom and the world of athletics are numerous. With regards to leadership credentials, Connor is not only class president, but he is the CEO of The My GI Foundation, which is a large and successful veteran organization he developed to coordinate all of his charitable military activities. Captain Darius Powell, West Point graduate. 

His foundation website is extraordinary. His standing in the veteran community is as good as any adult veteran I know. His financial and veteran services have helped more people than many could imagine. He runs his foundation like a true professional and he has been fundraising and holding banquets since he was fifteen. His philanthropic skills bring in large donations and put smiles on faces at the same time. I think the world of Connor. He is a one man machine, capable of anything he sets his sights on. I see great athletic, scholastic, and leadership opportunities for him. He is genuine and has been serving others since the day we met. Captain Phillip McDonald, Drexel graduate. 

Thank You Senator

Senator Joe Uecker took me to lunch when I was fourteen to discuss high level military service and a career in government service. He is a regular speaker at My GI Foundation banquets and is always ready to lend a hand to support my philanthropy and service to veterans. He has represented the 14th District since 2013 as a Republican member of the Ohio Senate.


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