RP Diamond is owned by Tammy and David Terry They run the premier business in Loveland to get your Loveland Tiger gear. They can create anything you want, but they also carry a large inventory of Loveland Tiger gear ready to wear. We have done several projects with them and the end result was better than expected. Their customer service is outstanding. You can email them at info@rpdiamond.com, visit their website at www.rpdiamond.com/main.sc or call them at (513) 583-8447. We only work with Tammy & David, because we are 100% confident our needs will be met.

Art Jarvis is the president of the Loveland School Board, a man who's generosity is astounding, and a very successful financier. Our Executive Director has worked on school projects with him and has gotten aid for things students need. If you go anywhere in Loveland, you will see his brand. When everybody knows you and stops to shake your hand you have made an impact. You can contact him at jarvisa@fuse.net 513-377-8285

Sam David is usually within ten feet of the aforementioned Art Jarvis. Sam brings his Larosa's trailer to just about any outdoor high school event and is not only successful, but extremely generous too. He is really active in our booster club and has donateed more money and in-kind services than can be quantified. He is a great man and is very respected within our community. He really helped us with Operation Winter Weather last year. Sam owns several Larosa's, but his professional contact is sam.david@fuse.net. 

Frank Oberlee is a just and trustworthy man. He has put together two mortgage products for the two houses my parents have built. He was a top executive lender before he decided to go to work for himself. He will take you through the mortgage process at your speed and will return calls and do whatever he says he is going to do. I shake hands with senators, congressmen, city councilmen, Fortune 500 executives, and nobody beats Frank's forthright style of conducting business.

Steve Nester owns two successful Buckeye Running athletic shoe stores and a timing company. If someone is running a major race he will be there with his awesome shoe shuttle. Steve gives financial and in-kind donations with unbelievable generosity. He has locations in Mason 513-234-0666 and on Beechmont avenue. He is also the Girl's Head XC Coach at Loveland high School. Need an entire running event put together, reach out to him at scnester@fuse.net. 

Rob Blackburn makes the coolest challenge coins I have seen. I have handed mine to high ranking government and military personnel and they are always blown away. My coin is so beautiful, I have oonly given away twelve of the first fifty I ordered. The twelve people were very special. Rob is not only a veteran, but a craftsman. You can find him at www.spartancoins.com. 

Dr. Paul Waisbrot has been serving our entire family for fourteen years. His skills are unbelievable and he has five or six new patients every week, because his clients are all healthier from his treatment and happy they chose Dr. Paul. His demeanor is very upbeat and he is very engaged in his patient's lives. Talented guy, better person. www.calldrpaul.com or 513-697-1800.

Thank You Senator

Senator Joe Uecker took me to lunch when I was fourteen to discuss high level military service and a career in government service. He is a regular speaker at My GI Foundation banquets and is always ready to lend a hand to support my philanthropy and service to veterans. He has represented the 14th District since 2013 as a Republican member of the Ohio Senate.


Option Financial is a Cincinnati based mortgage company providing home loans in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Our mortgage professionals have dozens of years experience in the real estate and mortgage industry and talent for delivering results. At Option Financial, we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. See owner Frank Oberlee for your next mortgage product. Frank has put together two mortgage products for our family.

My name is Paul Vickers, pvickers@optionfinancial.com, and I have been here four years. I am a Army veteran and will be working with veteran clients to offer all benefits a veteran client has earned. Our friends at Stewart Title Company will "Put Veterans First" and close anywhere and anytime for our vets. NMLS#1080939